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Top 10 PhD entrance exams for MSc students

There are many institutes and universities should be held PhD entrance examination of all students. Every entrance examination determine the potential of candidates, there effectiveness. And this entrance examination help's to institutes and universities to get right candidates for institute and universities for the awarded of fellowship. Institute checks you! Your right one for the award. There are many entrance examination are held in India like CSIR-UGC, DBT, GATE and meny others.

If you are looking for  PhD make sure to do your research on Eligibility, enumeration and PhD entrance requirements. If you are passed the PhD entrance examination you will get scholarship/ fellowship from universities/institutes.

PhD(Doctor of philosophy) is one of the most important and valuable degree in world. it is the highest academic degree awarded by most of the Universities in any country. PhD research helps to students to improve your potential and abilities to understand and solve the question and problems. PhD research boost your confidence, hepls to gain new things. After completion of PhD reserve your position in any Universities, institute or company as researchers, professor or as scientists in any fields.

A PhD degree in life Science signifies an expert in the field of life science. Usually PhD professionals decide to commit their careers to research or teaching. International students who choose to obtain a doctoral degree in life science are expected to perform research that is both excellent and creative, while also bringing up new concepts or problems within the biological science community. Thus, the responsibility of a PhD graduate in life science is to move the industry forward in a new direction. Pursuing a PhD is beneficial to international students looking to further their education and put themselves ahead of the average PhD graduate. PhD programs are intended to produce expert researchers in the field.

The reason of listing top 10 best PhD entrance examination is that you will know which doctoral programs entrance examination are currently active state with high paying. Below are the top 10 PhD degree entrance examination and many of you haven't before.. without getting more time let's starts.

CSIR( Council of scientific and industrial research). It is national r&d organization fully funded by public of India CSIR established in 1942 by government of India which has 38 laboratories/institute all over India. CSIR-UGC NET is one of the though and rough entrance exam for PhD degree held twice in a year June & December. It is National level exam held by CSIR-UGC for junior research fellowship or to lectureships.

CSIR-UGC NET exams is conducted for life science, Earth science, mathematical science, chemical and physical science for those students who are appearing/ completed Master degree at least 55% for general and OBC and 50% for SC/ST/pwD candidates. Qualifying candidates can directly register for doctoral program/PhD degree.

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Name of entrance exam : CSIR-UGC NET

Qualifications : in Basic Science

Remuneration : 25,000/month

Applications fee's : 250 for SC/ST/pwD and 500 for general and OBC

2. NCBS( National Center for Biological Science ) :
NBCS is located in Bangalore is part of TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) Mumbai. The NBCS  helds the entrance exams to get admission in PhD. It is one of the national level though entrance examination. This PhD entrance exams helds for master in basic science discipline like chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology.

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Name of entrance exam : NCBS PhD exam

Qualifications : MSc in Basic Science

remuneration : 25,000/month

3. DBT ( Department of Biotechnology) :
Is an Indian government department under the ministry of science and technology. DBT helds well known PhD entrance examination for biotechnology students. This department allow fellowship for Biotech student only across the country by coordinated of National center of cell science. Candidates selected through BET ( Biotechnology Eligibility Test) exam. Top 275 students can only registered for PhD in universities and institute. And next 100 students registered for DBT sponsored projects.

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Name of entrance exam : DBT PhD Entrance

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

4. TIFR( Tata institute of fundamental research) :
TIFR helds national wide entrance examination for biology also called JGEEBILS ( Joint Graduate Entrance Examination for Biology Interdisciplinary Life Science)

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Name of entrance exam : TIFR PhD

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

5. ICMR ( Indian Council of Medical Research) :
ICMR held national level examination for PhD entrance examination for MSc or equivalent degree in basic science in different states of India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Varanasi etc. Students who are willing to give this exams you have to secure 55% marks for general/OBC category and 50% for SC/ST/pwD.

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Name of entrance exam : ICMR Phd

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

6. GATE ( Graduate attitude test in engineering) 
This entrance examination is one of the reputed entrance for masters and for PhD conducted by Indian institute of science and seven other institute IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT kanpur, IIT kharagpur, IIT roorkee and IIT guwahati. Held in February in every year in 660 centers in different countries like India, shrilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc for students those students who are Final year of bachelor and master degree.

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Name of entrance exam : GATE exam

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

Application fees : 750 for SC/ST/pwd and 1000 for open and OBC

7. JNU PhD (Jawaharlal Nehru University ) :
JNU is one of the best reputed university in India established in 22-april-1979. JNU reputation spread over the world ranked at 2nd position in universities in India. JNU helds PhD entrance examination for there universities.

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Name of entrance exam : JNU PhD entrance

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/ month

8. NIMHANS (  National Institute of Mentalntal Health and Neuroscience )
One of the most prestigious and reputed institute in India reffered as " institute of National importance" it is training and research institute in mental health and Neuroscience. It produce more than 1000 psychiatrist per year offers study in basic biological sciences, ancient Health system, molecular biology etc. This institute held an entrance exam for doctorate degree. Called as NIMHANS JRF entrance exam for

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Name of entrance exam :NIMHANS Entrance

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

9. NIPER (National institute of pharmaceuticals education and research) Hyderabad.
NIPER is well known Entrance examination for masters degree and PhD ( doctorate degree). Also known as NIPER-JEE or NIPER.

This exam is jointly conducted by NIPER for those students who wants to study in research in different states of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, nagpur, Bangalore etc.
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Name of entrance exam :NIPER

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

10. University of Hyderabad PhD entrance exam :
University of Hyderabad  is one of the most important and reputed University among the all Universities in India. This University held an entrance examination for PhD degree. This University held more than 13 PhD degree in different subjects including Biotechnology, microbiology,botany etc.

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Name of entrance exam : UoH PhD

Qualifications : MSc in basic science

Remuneration : 25.000/month

How to crack these exams

Preparation for any exam is not just in Reading material or notes but, it's all about practice.

NET being a multiple choice pattern, the odds of clearing it is purely based on reasoning and tactics. Tactics here would be to eliminate the choices and then reason out the right answer from the ones left. Get previous year's question papers and question banks, keep solving them.

Now coming to reading, there are so many books you have for each topic. Rather than going with the syllabus and studying everything, just concentrate on the topics you know well. Do a reading and take notes for the topics which you find hard to remember. Coz, we tend to waste time in preparing notes but fail to revise them.

As and when you finish each topic, solve questions form that topic and again read them. This way, make a loop for every topic and you can easily cover the known ones and practice them at the same time. When answering questions (in examination) , skip the ones you find doubtfull, helps reduce negative marks.

Advantages of clearing JRF 

  1. JRF stands for junior research fellow, If you have qualified this CSIR JRF / UGC JRF, then there are two main career option will be opened.
  2. Either you can enroll yourself in PhD. programme in any research institution and further make your career in research field or you can apply for the position of Assistant professor in different universities across India.
  3. Government of India provides monthly stipend of 31000/-per month +HRA to those students who have qualified JRF and enrolled their phd from any research institute or university.
  4. After two years this stipend amount will be increased by 35000+HRA for the next 3rd , 4th and 5th year and junior research fellow will be promoted for senior research fellow.
  5. Promotion from JRF to SRF will take place after assessment only. If one’s work will be satisfactory during period of JRF then he or she will be promoted for SRF. And in this way you can complete your PhD.
  6. The second option is that you can directly apply for the position of Assistant professor if you have cleared this exam because JRF certificate already includes NET certificate, which makes you eligible for this post.
  7. NET stands for national eligibility test which is the minimum criteria for applying the post of Assistant professor.
  8. JRF is not equivalent to PhD. It is just an exam which gives you the opportunity that you can enroll yourself in PhD.

Everyone is dream for to get PhD degree, doctorate degree, PhD program, doctorate program, online phd programs, Dr. Degree, admission in doctorate degree means improving our learning skills, increasing knowledge, enlighten our experience, boost confidence academic as well as social development. If you are looking for to get admission in doctorate degree / PhD degree these article help you to serching and find out PhD entrance examination.

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