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Give different aspects to make Awareness about reproductive health.

Give different aspects to make  Awareness about reproductive health.

Give different aspects to make
Awareness about reproductive health.
Answer: Aspire to create awareness about reproductive health
  1. Incorporation of sex education in school.
  2. Need to provide correct information about reproductive organs, adolescence and related Changes in the body.
  3. Import of safe and hygienic sexual practices.
  4. There is a need to provide STD information.
  5. There is a need to educate people about available birth control options or measures.
  6. Importance of caring for expectant mothers.
  7. Ratio of post-natal care of mother and child.
  8. Similar oppertunities for male and female child.
  9. Bringing socially conscious healthy families of desired size.
  10. Clear myths and misconceptions about reproductive activities from the brain of People.

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What are RCH programs? mention
Goals of RCH.
Answer: Reproductive and Child Health Program (RCH):
  1. RCH stands for Reproductive and Child Health Care.
  2. In order to achieve total reproductive health as a social goal, the Government of India started a family planning program in 1961.
  3. RCH programs are extensions of similar programs that cover wider areas in reproduction.

The goals of RCH are:
i) To create awareness among people about various reproductive aspects.

ii) To provide facilities and support for
Building a reproductive healthy society.

What are the care or precautions
To be taken for maintenance
reproductive health?
Answer: The following care should be taken to maintain reproductive health
  1. Regularly cleaning the private parts.
  2. Observing genital hygiene during periods by girls.
  3. Avoid situations in which there is a risk of becoming infected with any sexually transmitted infection.
  4. Relevant and scientific information about matters related to sexuality.
  5. Reproductive health care and service benefits without hesitation

What is needed Successful implementation of various Action plan about reproductive health?
What are the requirements for successful implementation of various onion schemes regarding reproductive health?
Answer: Action plan for reproductive health:
  1. Creating awareness among people. This can be done through government and non-government agencies, sex education School, parents, and other relatives, teachers e.t.c.
  2. To provide strong infrastructural facilities, professional expertise and material support for STD prevention, birth control, prenatal care of mother etc.
  3. In case of reproductive problems like pregnancy, childbirth, STD, abortion, contraception, menstruation, medical support and care of such people is required Infertility etc.
  4. Implementation of improved technologies and new advances from time to time.
  5. Statutory restrictions on amniocentesis for sex determination to legally investigate female feticide.

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