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Technology in Education: 13 Reasons to Use It

Technology in Education: 13 Reasons to Use It

After coming across a document written by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) with a guide on how to insert Technology in Education, we decided to write to our readers reasons and recommendations on how to work with Technology in Education and how to do it based on Indian education needs.

This is the first article in the serious Technology in Education. In the coming days we will publish 10 Recommendations on how to apply technology in education.

The educational technology sector, EdTech, is redefining the way learning and training are done. By the way, educational tools and approaches are being renewed to stimulate the new generations, born with technology at home. Here is a brief overview of the Technology in Education.

Technology in Education: 13 Reasons to Use It

Technology in education
13 Reasons to use Technology in Education

1. Extend the reach and equity in education: With networked content, more people can access Education.

2. Improves education in areas with less access: The internet and technology can take education to different places, of course we have to think and demand public policies that support these initiatives.

3. Helps students with disabilities: New technologies are versatile and flexible and easy to adapt to diverse needs. Just a little creativity.

4. Optimize time in the classroom: Technology in Education can push boundaries and create interactivity outside the classroom.

5. Allows you to learn at any time and place: Technology allows greater flexibility.

6. Build new learning communities: Creating online study and discussion groups expands the limits of education. Here's how you can create your Study Groups with

7. Supports local learning: You can understand how each student interprets and takes advantage of the content.

8. It brings formal and informal learning closer together: Technology in Education mixes leisure tools with education.

9. Provides immediate evaluation and feedback: Through various tools it is possible to know how much content was absorbed by the student or how profitable a teacher's class was.

10. Facilitates personalized learning: The use of ybstudy facilitates access to study resources, wherever you want.

11. Improves continuous learning: Students mainly from generations Y and Z feel more comfortable studying with technologies.

12. Improves communication: You create an additional channel of communication with the student.

13. Maximize the cost-benefit of education: Free Online Study Platforms like ExamTime help teachers and students to create a viable form of study.

And to inspire everyone to start using Technology in Education, we created a series of FlashCards to help them remember the reasons for applying ybstudy.

The key to success by Technology in Education

Now is the time to bring training materials to life to create the interactive training experiences needed for 21st century education. ybstudy has the formula for success:

This is the best way to get students' attention. Teachers bring content to life by getting lessons that are interesting for their students and interesting for themselves. This facilitates their freedom by providing students with an invigorating, efficient and flexible study environment of which they will be happy to be a part. By adding layers of information to the designs, we get unique content that appeals to students.

Authentic teaching turns stories into art by telling stories. Applying storytelling creates a real-life learning environment that helps refer to lessons. Stories are not flat, we make the most of storytelling by adding graphic sources. Maximum recollection, critical thinking and creativity by creating visual metaphors.

Gaming : 
Emotion is the basis of learning. By gaming in the classroom, students become the heroes of their learning. Play increases motivation, improves attention and encourages problem solving. More students gain investment by incorporating elements that make it possible to play, explore and explore genetically and thus complete gaming by maximizing content retention. By moving students, learning flows.

By this method education is taken to another level. The animated elements not only bring content to life, they help to prioritize ideas and help students focus on really important concepts. Visual effects enrich classes and transform static content into fantastic animated creations that trigger learning.

These benefits are added to a tool that provides you with over thousands of free resources and premium versions that offer more benefits. With ybstudy, you can create interactive, visual, and effective content with minimal effort to motivate challenges and informative learning methods, from overwhelming resumes to complex escape games.

Its intuitive, user-friendly, collaborative interface and working in the cloud makes ybstudy an indispensable tool in the classroom. It combines the power of design with the latest generation of materials to take your learning materials to new dimensions.

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