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Write a short note on squamous epithelium

Give the location, function and structure of squamous epithelium.
Write a note on squamous epithelium
1) Squamous epithelium or pavement

Location of squamous epithelium
Outer protective covering of all over the body surface and the inner lining of all cavities such as stomach, intestine, mouth cavity, oesophagus, lung alveoli (Pleural cavity) Bowman's capsule, membranous labyrinth of the inner ear, pericardial cavities, lining of the heart and blood vessels.

Structure of squamous epithelium
  1. It is simple epithelium because it consists of single layer of cells.
  2. It is very thin, flattened, scale like and roughly hexagonal.
  3. The cells are arranged edge to edge on a basement membrane.
  4. The cells are separated by narrow intercellular spaces filled with a non cellular substance called matrix.
  5. The cells fit closely together so that in surface view they appear like the titles of a pavement hence are called as pavement epithelium.
  6. Each cell contains flattened spherical nucleus in the centre, due to this the cells are bulging at the centre and tappering to all the sides.

Functions of squamous epithelium
  1. The main function is protection of covering of any layer or organ.
  2. It prevents the leakage of body fluid.
  3. It also protects the body against bacterial invasion and growth of fungus.
  4. The other functions are filteration exchange of gases, diffusion etc.

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