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Select the Wrong Statement MCQ with Answers  : 

Now it is the time to speed up your study and score well in exam by studying Select the wrong Statements MCQ Questions for NEET Students with Answers PDF. You should practice MCQ regularly to strengthen your confidence and improve your skill. Make your accuracy hundred percent by thoroughly revised these Questions with Answers.

By thorough practicing these Multiple Choice Questions with Answers you can make your base stronger. Make your exam preparation stronger and make your preparation effective.

To do well in all such objective type questions, students should clearly know all the basic concepts of each topic. We have provided here the MCQs that will help students revise all important concepts and topics in a short-time but effectively.

Select the Wrong Statement MCQ

Select the Wrong statements MCQ Questions with Answers

1. Select the wrong Statement_____

(a) The term ' contagium vivum flu id urn' was coined by M. W. Beijerinck.

(b) Mosaic disease in tobacco and AIDS in hu- man being are caused by viruses.

(c) The viroids were discovered by D.J. Ivanowsky.

(d) W.M. Stanley showed that viruses could be crystallised.

Answer : C

2. Select the wrong statement from below_______

(a) Anisogametes differ either in structure, function or behaviour.

(b) In Oomycetes female gamete is smaller and motile, while male gamete is larger and non-motile.

(c) Chalmydomonas exhibits both isogamy and anisogamy and Fucus shows oogamy.

(d) Isogametes are similar in structure, function and behaviour.

Answer: B

3. Select the wrong statement regarding cross pollination. 

(a) Pollination depends on external agent and so it is certain.  

(b) New varieties are produced.  

(c) Continuous cross pollination leads to weaker progeny.  

(d) Germination capacity is highly declined. 

(i) a and d  

(ii) b and c  

(iii) a, b and d 

(iv) a, c and d 

Answer: IV

4. Select the wrong statement about Pseudopodia: 

(a) Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell in all kingdoms except Monera.

(b) Cell wall is present in members of Fungi and Plantae.

(c) Pseudopodia are locomotory and feeding structures in Sporozoans.

(d) Mushrooms belong to Basidiomycetes.

Answer: C

5. Select the Wrong Statement 

(a) When tripalmitin is used as a substrate in respiration, the  is .

(b) The intermediate compound which links glycolysis with Kreb’s cycle is malic acid.

(c) One glucose molecule yields a net gain of   molecules during aerobic respiration.

(d) One glucose molecule yields a net gain of  molecules during fermentation.

(e) The scheme of glycolysis was given by Embden, Meyerhof and Pamas.

Answer: B

6. Select the Wrong Statement about Kreb cycle__________

(a) There is one point in the cycle where FAD+ is reduced to FADH2

(b) During conversion of succinyl CoA to succinic acid, a molecule of GTP is synthesised

(c) The cycle starts with condensation of acetyl group (acetyl CoA) with pyruvic acid to yield citric acid

(d) There are three points in the cycle where NAD+ is reduced NADH2 to H+

Answer: C

7. Select the wrong statement about Glycolysis____________ 

(a) It occurs outside mitochondria

(b) It is an anaerobic phase

(c) Glucose undergoes partial oxidation to form  molecules of pyruvic acid

(d) Glucose is phosphorylated to glucose-6-phosphate by isomerase enzyme

Answer: D

8. Select the correct statement about cellular respiration?

(a) All the carbon atoms in glucose ultimately incorporated during cellular respiration into carbon dioxide molecule

(b) All the carbon atoms in glucose ultimately incorporated during cellular respiration into NADH molecule

(c) All the carbon atoms in glucose ultimately incorporated during cellular respiration into ATP molecule

(d) All the carbon atoms in glucose ultimately incorporated during cellular respiration into water molecule

Answer : A

9. Select the Wrong Statement from the following______

(a) Oxidative phosphorylation takes place in outer mitochondrial membrane,

(b) Enzymes of TCA cycle are present in mitochondrial matrix.

(c) Glycolysis operates as long as it is supplied with NAD that can pick up hydrogen atoms.

(d) Glycolysis occurs in cytosol,

Answer  : A

10. Which of the given statement is incorrect about glucose?  

(a) Glucose exists in two crystalline forms α and β  

(b) Glucose gives schiff's test.  

(c) Penta acetate of glucose does not form oxime.  

(d) Glucose forms oxime with hydroxyl amine. 

Answer : B

11. Which statement(s) is/are true about glucose pentaacetate?

(a) It will react with phenylhydrazine but not with Tollens’ reagent

(b) It will react with Tollens’ reagent but not with phenylhydrazine

(c) It will react with both of the above mentioned reagents

(d) It will react neither with phenylhydrazine nor with Tollens’ reagent

Answer : D

12. Select the wrong statement from the following_______

(a) Oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvic acid requires the presence of enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase

(b) All living cells whether aerobic or anaerobic, perform glycolysis

(c) Cyanide does not stop chemiosmosis

(d) Respiratory chain uses  as final hydrogen acceptor

Answer : C

13. Select incorrect statement w.r.t chemiosmotic hypothesis__________

(i)  headpiece contains the site for the synthesis of  from. 

(ii)  part forms the channel through which protons cross the inner membrane.

(iii) For each  produced,  pass through  from the intermembrane space to the matrix down the electrochemical proton gradient.

(a) (ii) and (iii)

(b) (i) and (iii)

(c) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(d) (iv) Only

Answer: D

14. Which of the following statements regarding photoperiodism is false?

(a) The response of plants to periods of light/day is termed photoperiodism

(b) The shoot apices cannot perceive photoperiods

(c) In day neutral plants there is no correlation between exposure to light duration and induction of flowering response

(d) Shoot apices modify themselves into flowering apices prior to flowering

(e) The site of perception of the light/dark duration is the flower

Answer : E

15. Select the wrong statement MCQ_________

(a) An equivalent pipe is treated as an ordinary pipe for all calculations

(b) The length of an equivalent pipe is equal to that of a compound pipe

(c) The discharge through an equivalent pipe is equal to that of a compound pipe

(d) The diameter of an equivalent pipe is equal to that of a compound pipe

Answer: D

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