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Match the following Social Science Class 6

Match the following for Class 6 Social Science : 

In this article, we are providing you Match the following with Answer All these Match the following questions will help you revise objective type questions which will appear in various kinds of Compititive entrance examinations. All the questions are completely solved to help make your learning simple and effective. Each match the following social science class 6 question has been provided with an accurate solution designed in a simple manner and easy to understand. Practicing these questions will also help you know your weak areas which you may improve by doing a little more hard work on preparation of class 6 social science.

Match the Following class 6 Social Science

Match the following Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 1 - What, Where, How and When?

Narmada Valley The first big kingdom
Magadha Hunting and gathering
Garo Hills Cities about 2500 years ago
Indus and its tributaries Early agriculture
Ganga valley The first cities

Answer :
Narmada Valley Hunting and gathering
Magadha The first big kingdom
Garo Hills Early agriculture
Indus and its tributaries The first cities
Ganga valley Cities about 2500 years ago

2. Match the Following Social science Class 6 Chapter 10 - Traders, Kings And Pilgrims

Muvendar Mahayana Buddhism
Lords of dakshinapath Buddhacharita
Ashvaghosha Satavahana rulers
Bodhisattva Chinese pilgrim
Xuan Zang Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas
Answer :
Muvendar Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas
Lords of dakshinapath Satavahana rulers
Ashvaghosha Buddhacharita
Bodhisattva Mahayana Buddhism
Xuan Zang Chinese pilgrim

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