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Multiple Choice questions on Amines class 12 Pdf

Hello Students, how are you all hope you all will be good, in this Page we have shared with you more than 20 Important MCQ on Amines class 12 with answers which is helpful for various entrance exams preparation. This amines neet Mcq pdf will help you enhance your performance in entrance exams like NEET and JEE. mcq on Amines Chemistry is important chapter for Class 10, 11 and class 12 Students.

Amines MCQs questions and answers are provided here with answers and detailed explanation each question. These Amines MCQs are important from the NEET as well as various type of exam like UPSC, MPSC. By practicing our Mcq on Amines class 12 pdf students will get acquainted with the key concepts which must be prepared to score high marks in the objective type questions in the any exam.

Mcqs on amines

Multiple Choice questions on Amines For NEET

1. The most convenient method to prepare primary (i Amine) amine containing one carbon atom less is_______

A) Gabriel phthalmidie synthesis

B) Reductive amination of aldehydes

C) Hofmann bromamide reaction

D) Reduction of isonitriles

Answer: C

2. C3H8N cannot represent_________

A) 1° ammine

B) 2° ammine

C) 3° ammine

D) quartemary ammonium salt

Answer: D 

3. Amides may be converted into amines by a reaction named after________

A) Hofmann Bromide

B) Claisen

C) Perkin

D) Kekule

Answer: A

4. Secondary amines can be prepared by__________

A) reduction of nitro compounds

B) oxidation of N-substituted amides

C) reduction of isonitriles

D) reduction of nitriles

Answer: C

5. Benzoic acid is treated with SOCl2 and the product (X) formed is reacted with ammonia to give (Y). (Y) on reaction with Br2 and KOH gives (Z). (Z) in the reaction is_______

A) aniline

B) chlorobenzene

C) benzamide

D) benzoyl chloride

Answer: A

6. Amine that cannot be prepared by Gabricl-Phthalmidie synthesis is__________

A) aniline

B) benzyl amine

C) methyl amine

D) iso-butylamine

Answer: A

7. Tertiary amines have lowest boiling points amongst isomeric amines because_______

A) they have highest molecular mass

B) they do not form hydrogen bonds

C) they are more polar in nature

D) they are most basic in nature

Answer: B

8. Which of the following is true for the basicity of amines?

A) Alkylamines are generally less basic than arylamines because N is sp hybridised

B) Arylamines are generally more basic than alkylamines due to aryl group

C) Arylamines are generally less basic than alkylamines due to delocalisation of lone pair of electrons in the benzene ring

D) Alkylamines are generally less basic than arylamines because lone pair of electrons on N in the arylamines are not delocalised in the benzene ring

Answer: C

9. Which of the following is incorrect for primary amines?

A) On reaction with nitrous acid alkylamines produce alcohol

B) On reaction with nitrous acid arylamines produce phenol

C) Alkylamines are more basic than ammonia

D) Alkylamines are more basic than arylamines

Answer: B

10. Which of the following is formed when an alkyl primary amine reacts with nitrous acid?

A) Alkyl nitrite

B) Secondary amine

C) Nitroalkane

D) Alcohol

Answer: D

11. What is the common name of the simplest aromatic amine?

A) Aniline

B) Benzylamine

C) Benzenamine

D) Aminobenzene

Answer: A

12. Identify the substituent in p-anisidine?

A) CH3


C) NH2


Answer: B

13. Identify the correct name of the shown compound.

4,4-Dimethylcyclohexan-1-amine molecule diagram

A) 4-Amino-1,1-Dimethylcyclohexane

B) 4,4-Dimethylcyclohexan-1-amine

C) 4,4-Dimethylaniline

D) N-(4,4-Dimethylcyclohexyl)amine

Answer: B

14. Identify the incorrect name of the compound formed when two hydrogen atoms of ammonia are replaced by phenyl groups.

A) Diphenylamine

B) N-Phenylaniline

C) N-Phenylbenzenamine

D) N,N-Diphenylaniline

Answer: D

15. What is the IUPAC name of CH3-NH-CH2-CH(NO2)-CH3 ?

A) N-Methyl-2-nitropropanamine

B) 1-Aminomethyl-2-nitropropane

C) N-(2-Nitropropyl)methanamine

D) N-Methyl-2-methylnitropropanamine

Answer: A

16. Benzene diazonium chloride on reaction with phenol in weakly basic medium gives________

A)    Diphenyl ether

B)     p-hydroxy azobenzene

C)     Chlorobenzene

D)     Benzene

Answer: B

17. Benzamide on treatment with POCl3 gives________

A)    Aniline

B)     Benzonitrile

C)     Chlorobenznee

D)     Benzyl amine

Answer: B

 18. A positive carbylamines test is given by__________

A)    N,N-dimethylaniline

B)    2,4-dimethylaniline

C)     N-methyl-o-metylaniline

D)    p– methylbenzylamine

Answer: D

19. The compound which one reaction with aqueous nitrous acid at low temperature procures an oily nitrosamine, is________

A)    Methylamine

B)     Ethylamine

C)     Diethylamine

D)     Triethylamine

Answer: C

20. Carbalamine test is performed in alc. KOH by heating a mixture of___________

A)    Chloroform and silver powder

B)    Trihalogenated methane and a primary amine

 C)     An alkyl halide and primary amine

D)    An alkyl cyanide and a primary amine

Answer:  B

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