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MS Word MCQ with Answers Pdf

MS Word MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf  :

MS Word MCQ Pdf is very important for students who want to score good marks in their Computer science entrance examination. Students who can Practice Chapter-wise Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to improve your score in Exams. Practice is the only key for success in any exam. You can start with MS Word sample question papers with Answers.

Practicing these MS Word MCQ with Answers Pdf is one of the best ways to prepare for any competitive exam. There is no substitute for consistent practice whether one wants to understand a concept thoroughly or one wants to score better. By practicing more MS Word Quiz Questions and Answers with Pdf, students can improve their speed and accuracy which can help them during their exam.

Multiple Choice Questions on MS Word 

1. MS word is software of ___________

(A) Apple

(B) Android

(C) Google

(D) Microsoft

Answer : D

2. ____ cannot be used to work in MS Office.

(A) Joystick

(B) Scanner

(C) Light Pen

(D) Mouse

Answer: A

3. MS Word is ____ software.

(A) Web browser

(B) Word processing

(C) Operating system

(D) Antivirus

Answer: B

4. Portrait and Landscape are________ 

(A) Paper size

(B) Page layoutx

(C) Page orientation

(D) Page margin

Answer: C

5. Which is not an edition of MS Word?

(A) MS Word 2003

(B) MS Word 2007

(C) MS Word 2010

(D) MS Word 1020

Answer : D

6. The shortcut key to open a new file in MS Word is_____________

(A) Ctrl + N

(B) Ctrl + C

(C) Ctrl + V

(D) Ctrl + X

Answer: A

7. Which of  the following is word processing software?

(A) Avast

(B) MS word 2007

(C) Google Chrome

(D) Mozilla Firefox

 Answer : B

8. The ___ works with the standard Copy and Paste commands.

(A) View tab

(B) Paragraph dialog box

(C) Office Clipboard

(D) All of these

Answer : C

9. Values of normal margin (in inches) in ms-word is____________

(A) left-0.5, right-0.5, top-0.5, bottom-0.5

(B) left-0.75, right-0.75, top-0.5, bottom-0.5

(C) left-1, right-1, top-1, bottom-1

(D) left-1.5, right-1.5, top-1, bottom-1

Answer: C

10. What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing a text document?

(A) Database Management

(B) Web design

(C) Spreadsheet design

(D) Word processing

Answer: D

11. What program is used in MS-Word to check the spelling?

(A) Research

(B) Word Count

(C) Set language

(D) Spelling & Grammar

Answer : D

11. Which is the default alignment in word?

(A) Left

(B) Right

(C) Centre

(D) Justify

Answer: A


12. Following is used for creating presentations.

(A) MS Word

(B) MS Access

(C) MS Excel

(D) Power Point

Answer: D

13. To show the font dialog box press____

(A) Ctrl+ P

(B) Ctrl+ D

(C) Ctrl+ B

(D) Ctrl+ Q

Answer: B


14. File extension of word document is

(A) .xls

(B) .doc

(C) .word

(D) .jpeg

Answer: B

15. Following font size is not supported by word:

(A) 15

(B) 72.5

(C) 102.89

(D) 532

Answer: C


16. A word gets selected by clicking it_________

(A) Once

(B) Twice

(C) Three times

(D) Four times

Answer: B

17. The number of ways you can save a word document, are

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

 Answer: B

18. The shortcut command of ‘save’ in word:

(A) Ctrl + A

(B) Ctrl + C

(C) Ctrl + V

(D) Ctrl + S

Answer: D

19. To view paragraph marks, clicks on the _____ tab, in the paragraph group, click Show/Hide.

(A) View

(B) Home

(C) Page layout

(D) References

Answer : B


20. A _____ identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference.

(A) Footer

(B) Bookmark

(C) Header

(D) Page number

Answer: B

21. In the _____ we can change the view of the document and set the zoom option.

(A) Home panels

(B) View option toolbar

(C) Ribbon

(D) Title bar

Answer : B

22. Word processing package allow users to:

(A) Edit text

(B) Save text

(C) Print text

(D) All of the above

Answer: D

23. Which option is not available in Microsoft office button?

(A) Bold

(B) New

(C) Save

(D) Open

Answer: A

24. _____ is the change the way text warps around the selected object.

(A) Text wrapping

(B) Indent

(C) Clipart

(D) Line spacing

Answer: A

25. A major step before taking print of the document is

(A) To save the document

(B) To set paper setting

(C) To see print preview of the document

(D) Both b and c

Answer : D

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