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class 8 science chapter 16 light mcq with answer

MCQs Questions For Class 8 Science Chapter 16 : light pdf

Hello Students, how are you all hope you all will be good, in this Page we have shared with you more than 20 Important MCQ on     Light class 8 with answers which is helpful for various entrance exams preparation. This Light class 8 Mcq pdf will help you enhance your performance in entrance exams like NEET and JEE. MCQs on Light Class 8  is important chapter for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 Students.

MCQs On Light class 8

Multiple Choice Questions On Light For Class 8 

1. Braille system is used by____________

(a) Hearing impaired

(b) Black people

(c) Blind people

(d) African people

Answer: C

2. Which of the following is example of luminous object ?

(a) Star

(b) Smooth surface

(c) Mirror

(d) Cloth

Answer: A

3. A number of rays from different direction assemble at point are called______________

(a) Intersecting rays

(b) Parallel rays

(c) Divergent rays

(d) Convergent rays

Answer: D

4. There are ______ laws of reflection.

(a) two

(b) three

(c) four

(d) five

Answer: A

5. In a periscope, how are the reflecting mirrors arranged?

(a) Perpendicular to each other

(b) At an angle of 45°

(c) At an angle of 90°

(d) At an angle of 60°

Answer: B

6. A smooth shining surface, which rebounds the light back in same or in different direction, is called__________

(a) a mirror

(b) a lens

(c) reflection of light

(d) point of incidence

Answer: A

7. Front bulged part of the eyeball is called______________

(a) cornea

(b) choroid

(c) pupil

(d) retina

Answer: A

8. In case of reflection of light, the angle of incidence (i) and the angle of reflection (r) are related as______________

(a) i = r

(b) i < r

(c) i > r

(d) no definite relation

Answer: A

9. Visually impaired people can read and write using_____________

(a) electronic writer

(b) digital pens

(c) braille system

(d) hearing aids

Answer: C

10. The splitting of white light into its seven constituent colours is called___________

(a) refraction

(b) dispersion

(c) deviation

(d) reflection

Answer: B

11. The defect due to which a person is not able to see the distant objects clearly______________

(a) Myopia

(b) Hypermetropia

(c) Cornea

(d) Cataract

Answer: A

12. If the angle of incidence of light falling on a plane mirror is 30°, what will be the angle of reflection?

(a) 90°

(b) 60°

(c) 30°

(d) 0°

Answer: C

13. Rainbow is a natural phenomenon showing_______________

(a) Reflection

(b) Deflection

(c) Dispersion

(d) Diversion

Answer: C

14. If light falls perpendicularly on a plane mirror, what will be the angle in which it will be reflected?

(a) 45°

(b) 90°

(c) 180°

(d) 360°

Answer: C

15. An owl can see clearly at night but not day time because it has___________

(a) More rods and few cones

(b) Less rod and more cones

(c) More rods and more cone

(d) Less rods and less cones

Answer: A

16. How many images are obtained when plane mirrors are arranged parallel to each other?

(a) A single image

(b) Two images

(c) Infinite number of images

(d) Zero image

Answer: C

17. ______ refers to collection of rays.

(a) Image

(b) Photon

(c) Shadow

(d) Beam

Answer: D

18. The angle of incidence is always ______ to the angle of reflection.

(a) greater

(b) smaller

(c) equal

(d) none of the above

Answer: C

19. When the angle between two plane mirrors is 60∘, how many images will be formed by the mirrors?

(a) 5

(b) 6

(c) 7

(d) 8

Answer: A

20. Which of the following substance change the direction of light?

(a) Thin plastic sheet

(b) Lens

(c) Water

(d) Mirror

Answer: D

21. Which of the following travels faster?

(a) Jet Aero plane

(b) Sound

(c) Light

(d) Supersonic plane

Answer: C

22. Band of seven colours obtained on screen after dispersion is called___________

(a) Scattering

(b) Spectrum

(c) Transparence

(d) Reflection

Answer: B

23. In our houses, which of the following is used for looking at ourselves?

(a) Convex mirror

(b) Concave mirror

(c) Convex lens

(d) Plane mirror

Answer: D

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