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Earth Day Quiz Pdf

Earth day Quiz with Answers

What is Earth Day? Why Earth Day is important?

  • In the boundless universe, the earth is the only home for human beings to live among the countless planets.
  • The 63rd United Nations General Assembly resolution in 2009 designated April 22 as "Earth Day" every year. 
  • The purpose of the activity is to arouse people's awareness of caring for the earth and protecting their homeland, promoting the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection, and then improving the overall environment of the planet.
  • The earth is the mother of human beings and the homeland on which we live. 
  • With the improvement of living standards, while human beings are enjoying, they are destroying her unknowingly, and our living environment is constantly deteriorating. 
  • Environmental pollution has increasingly become one of the common topics in all countries in the world. 
  • The top ten environmental problems in the world are 1. Climate warming 2. Destruction of the ozone layer 3. Biodiversity reduction 4. The spread of acid rain 5. Sharp loss of forests 6. Land desertification 7. Air pollution 8. Water pollution 9. Marine pollution 10. Solid waste pollution.
  • The severe consequences of environmental pollution have attracted people's attention, and people have begun to take various control and governance measures against environmental pollution while they are committed to economic development.

Earth day Facts

  • Earth Day is Celebrated on the 22nd of April every year.
  • The first Earth Day was celebrated 50 years ago in 1970.
  • Earth Day first started in the USA.
  • Senator Nelson invented Earth Day. That's why Gaylord Nelson is called the father of Earth Day.
  • Over 190 countries take part in Earth Day.
  • Earth Day is also known as International Mother Earth Day.
  • Earth Day teaches us how we can protect the environment, Climate change, Ozone depletion, Pollution, etc.

Earth day Quiz

1. When is Earth Day Celebrated?

A. 20 March

B. 22 April

C. 5 June

D. 24 September

Answer: B

2. When was the first Earth Day Celebrated?

A. 1992

B. 2001

C. 1970

D. 1982

Answer: C

3. Who is called the father of Earth Day?

A. Gaylord Nelson

B. Vandana Shiva

C. Wangari Maathai

D. Mark Boyle

Answer: A

4. What is the theme of Earth Day 2022?

A. Invest in our Planet

B. To preserve and protect our Planet

C. Everyone accountable for Planet Earth

D. Restore our Earth

Answer: A

5. Earth Day is an......event.

A. Annual Event

B. Two Year event

C. Three-year event

D. Four-year event

Answer: A

6. What are some good Earth Day Questions?

A. How are we affecting the future of our planet?  

B. What can we do about the challenges facing our planet? 

C. How can we create momentum for addressing long-term challenges to life on Earth? 

D. All of these 

Answer: D

7. Most of the water on earth is distributed in_______

A. Ocean 

B. Lake 

C. River 

D. Glacier

Answer: A

8. The 21st century is the_________century.

A. Technology 

B. Economy 

C. Environmental protection

D. None of the above 

Answer: C

9. Of the following natural resources, which is a non-renewable natural resource________

A. Water 

B. Oil 

C. Forest 

D. Land

Answer: D

10. When will the world population reach 6 billion________

A. May 2000 

B. January 2020 

C. December 1998 

D. October 12, 1999

Answer: D

11. According to a recent observational report published by the United Nations, by 2030, the world population will reach_________

A. 8 billion 

B. 15 billion 

C. 10 billion 

D. 91 million

Answer: A

12. At present, the total area of ​​cultivated land in all countries in the world only accounts for the global land area? 

A. 20% 

B. 10% 

C. 30% 

D. 5%

Answer: B

13. When is World Environment Day every year?

A. May 6 

B. March 21 

C. December 1 

D. June 5

Answer: D

14. What was the slogan of the Human Environment Conference convened by the United Nations in 1972?

A. Save the earth 

B. Please take care of our human home, the earth 

C. There is only one earth

D. Save trees

Answer: C

15. What does not belong to the cause of water pollution is________

A. Industrial wastewater 

B. Domestic sewage 

C. Travel and water transportation 

D. Atmospheric precipitation

Answer: C

16. Environmental changes caused by environmental factors refer to_______

A. Environmental impact 

B. Environmental improvement 

C. Environmental transformation

D. Environmental Purification 

Answer: A

17. Which of the following is not an effective measure to protect water resources_______

A. Save and rationalize water use 

B. Prevent and control water pollution 

C. Deforestation 

D. Seawater desalination

Answer: C

18. The main reason for the loss and destruction of land resources is________

A. Indiscriminate deforestation and reclamation of grasslands have resulted in serious soil erosion and expansion of deserts

B. Natural causes 

C. Climatic causes

D. Humanity is making regulations to take effective measures to protect it

Answer: A

19. Among the following questions, which is not one of the three major problems in the world today is________

A. War issues 

B. Resource issues 

C. Environmental issues 

D. Population issues

Answer: A

Frequently Asked Questions on Earth Day

Q: When is Earth day celebrated?

Answer: Earth day is celebrated annually on the 22nd of April.

Q: Why is Earth day celebrated?

Answer: Earth day is celebrated to promote awareness about the importance of our planet and different measures to protect it.

Q: Why is Earth Day celebrated on 22 April?

Answer: US Senator Gaylord Nelson started celebrating this day for the purpose of environmental protection.

Q: When did Earth Day start?

Answer: In the year 1970

Q: What is the theme of Earth Day 2022?

Answer: Our earth, our health

Q: Who announced Earth Day?

Answer: US Senator Gaylord Nelson

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